Your Ultimate Guide on How To Make Hash

how to make hash

Have you been wondering what is hash and how is it made? Then these tips and guides are perfect for beginners like you ‒ these will help you acquire more knowledge about hash making, techniques on how to make it, and everything else that you need to know. Making a hash can be an enjoyable pastime for any marijuana lover out there, especially that it can be done at home.

There are few effective and best ways to make a Hash yourself but you need to collect a wholesome supply of kief first. In this article, we’ll discuss how the hash is made and most especially the different ways or techniques of hash making. Below we will show you the top 5 best ways of making Hash. But before that let us know first what is a hash?

What is a Hash?

Hashish, often known as “hash” is a type of extraction made from separating the glandular trichomes of cannabis plants where the cannabinoid metabolites together with terpenes are produced. Trichomes are small, white hair-like particles that are found on cannabis plants specifically on the flowers. The flowers of cannabis plants are consumed for the medicinal and psychoactive effects of their specialized metabolites. Again, the cannabinoid metabolites are plentifully produced in the glandular trichomes on cannabis flowers which represent the valued marijuana bud.

These particles are rich with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, as well as terpenes and flavonoids which help give distinctive hash taste and aroma. The hash making process is very easy and simple, you just need to separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant materials and then need to be pressed or heat-treated to form a hash. It typically comes in pressed blocks that differ in color, golden-brown will usually be a better quality hash, while slightly green will be a lower quality hash due to the fact that it contains more plant matter. 

5 Simple Way of Hash Making 

Hand Rolling 

Hand rolling is a method that usually takes place as a result of handling huge amounts of cannabis trim and buds while harvesting. The trichomes will be glued to your hands and after some time it will form a very visible black layer of sticky resin. After you have gathered a good amount of material you can then rub your hands together to form a hash. In fact, there’s no desired amount of trichomes to make hash in that manner, but it is generally best to stash a lot because they are indeed small.

Obviously, the more you compress and roll trichomes, the more hash you will collect. You have to bear in mind that no matter how clean the hands of the person doing the hand rolling job, you can still get dirt and oils from the person’s skin together with cannabinoids and some other good stuff. Moreover, you won’t notice the difference, as in terms of fragrance and flavor the trichomes will still dominate. 

Making the Kief into a Hash 

Kief is what most of us know as the good stuff you get on your grinder’s rim. And one of the many methods of removing it is this. Below, we’ll get into more significant ways of doing so. But now, it is necessary to find out how to make a hash once you have collected your kief. You will need a pollen press. This device’s pressure will turn the kief into a perfectly compressed hash.

Gather as much kief as you can and load it into the press to make this process successful. Now, you have to twirl the knob as firmly as you can. This part really demands you to put some serious elbow grease in it. Screw off the other side of the press until you believe it’s ready. You should twirl the knob until the hash bugs out, the yellow-colored cylinder that appears would be your hash. In your next joint or tub, you can crush as much as you like. 

Dry Sifting 

Dry Sifting or flat screening is a somewhat simple method but you are going to need a silkscreen. The smaller the holes are on it the finer/clearer your hash would be. But then it depends if you are looking for quantity and quality on it. For a couple of hours, your cannabis in the freezer in advance. This will assist the plant to extract the trichomes. Place your trim on the screen above the clean and flat surface. Knead the plant material onto the filter gently. All of the trichomes will then topple down underneath the plane surface. You can do this for as long as you want. You should aim to get at least 10 percent of the total weight of your trichomes trim.

Dry Ice Hash 

This one’s a classic method that involves using a net screen to separate the trichomes and the resin glands. This is also the finest method of hash making that can be done at home. You’ll be needing safe gloves, dry ice, net bags, and also a bucket. To suit your desired purity, these net bags must be punctured. With nothing but resin, a 73μm net bag will provide you with the purest outcome and you can accumulate a higher amount of product, as well as more plant material if you expand to a 160μm bag.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on what you’re looking for. Now put on your gloves and place your cannabis flower in a large bucket together with the dry ice. Stir and shake gently for a couple of minutes. After the dry ice and cannabis flower make contact, the plant slightly freezes, the trichomes or resin glands become very delicate and easily tear off from the plant that is why the dry ice is very necessary.

The next step is to wrap your net bag around the top of your bucket so that you can turn it upside down. Find a surface that is wide, flat, and clean. Turn the bucket upside down and move all the products and dry ice to the container. Shake it on top of the surface until you have a safe and secure grip on the container. You can see the surface full of yellow-colored dust after doing this for a couple of minutes. This would be your resin, and it probably looks delicious. Now place the kief in the pollen press, shut the lid, compress the plant material to transform it into a hash, and follow the same directions as above. 


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The process of making charas is the same as any extract which involves separating the trichomes from cannabis plants. Few cuttings from plants that are 2-3 weeks away from full maturity are removed by most growers. Others wait until it’s time for the harvest. From here the process is similar to rolling by hand. Rub the buds between your hands and trim gently until a dense coat emerges. Under most approaches, Charas would be smokable. You may apply it to a joint, blunt, bong, or pipe to any flower. 


There you have it! So you see there are different methods and techniques in hash making and every grower has their own method that they usually use. So have you already decided on what method to use for your hash making? You should also take into consideration some factors. Plan your budget. Money is one of the important factors when you are doing your own hash because you have to buy the materials if it’s not available at home. We hope that you liked our article. The reason that we decided to write this is to help you choose the method that best suits you. Enjoy making your own hashish at home!

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